What’s so great about modern English Shakespeare ebooks?

Our ebooks allow you to read Shakespeare’s plays as teenage novels. Each ebook:

  1. Follows the structure of the original play very closely. They’re set out according to the Acts and Scenes of Shakespeare’s text, so are very easy to read in parallel with the original text.
  2. Give an immediate picture of where all the characters are, what they are doing and what they’re saying. They present a very clear picture of each Shakespeare play.
  3. Is around 20,000 words, or 50 pages. You can read the whole ebook in an evening.

What’s the difference between the Shakespeare for Kids ebooks and the modern English Shakespeare ebooks?

The Shakespeare for Kids ebook series is aimed at children aged 8-11. Contentious issues that are unsuitable for younger children – such as Caliban’s attempt to violate Miranda in The Tempest or the sexual content of Romeo and Juliet – are removed or glossed over, so that while the texts still retain their major issues, they are safe.

Modern English Shakespeare ebooks are novelizations of Shakespeare’s plays, aimed at teenage students. However, not a single line of Shakespeare has been lost, so you can pinpoint any word, phrase, sentence or speech in the original Shakespeare text and follow it in every detail in the NoSweatShakespeare modern text.

How do I buy a modern English Shakespeare ebook?

Simply go to the buy now page, click the “Buy Now” button by the ebook you’d like. Add the ebook to you cart and you’ll be asked to pay using a card or paypal. All ebooks cost $14.95. See how much $14.95 is in your currency.

Once you’ve paid for your ebook you’ll be directed to a page where you can download it immediately. You’ll also get sent a copy via email.

How secure is online payment?

All payments are facilitated by Gumroad Inc., who are fully PCI Level 1 compliant. Gumroad security policy.

How can I contact No Sweat Shakespeare ?

You can use this contact form to ask any ebook or Shakespeare questions, or give us feedback.